1. J

    Using steghide on Ubuntu

    Using Terminal i enter :~$ steghide embed -ef data.txt -cf image.jpg Then I get steghide: could not open the file "data.txt" I've tried different files and steghide is never able to open any files.
  2. mohittomar13

    Unable to delete useless commands from ~/.bash_history

    I wanted to delete commands that are common (such as pwd, ls -l, cd, ) and keep the ones that I might forget how to use. To do this I ran the following commands history | grep "cd$" | cut -c 1-5 > ~/sandboxArea/histDelTemp.txt cntr=0; for i in $(cat ~/sandboxArea/histDelTemp.txt); do var=`expr...
  3. F

    Mac OS Mojave disk space issue - stumped

    Have a macbook pro trying to help with. Dude jumped on Beta because he thought that would be fun, and it's, you know, a beta...so it has broken his finder etc. and otherwise rendered machine deadish. So, trying to reinstall from internet recovery. Needs 1.8GB more space. 1.8GB... seriously...
  4. C

    Terminal SSH Help

    Ok, this is quite frankly far too complicated for me to be attempting but I'm gonna give myself credit for how far I have gone. So I am trying to make a "proxy tunnel" because my school blocked my favorite social media site from use on there internet while also blocking the popular proxy tunnel...