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    Connecting Dell laptop to 2006 Dell Monitor

    Hi, I have a new Dell Laptop and I am trying to extend screens to a dell monitor I have, I don’t know the model as I can’t get it to work, it has the Self Test Feature Check floating around the screen? I have connected the monitor using a VGA/HDMI cable and on my laptop it has found the monitor...
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    Dell not loading

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3558 and recently changed the hard drive. After that my computer started glitching and it would say a problem was found which led to it running a test. The test then verified that there were no problems with the hardrive. However, the screen shows the Dell logo but...
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    No Internet Access While Good Wifi

    Hello dear helpers, my problem is similar to the one of this topic: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/ping-test-no-response-default-gateway-dhcp-server.1041714/ https://forums.techguy.org/threads/wireless-internet-not-working-ping-test-no-response-default-gateway-dhcp-server.1042016/ BUT still...