1. C

    Can't send MMS after linking phone to computer

    I had no problem sending images through phone text originally (Moto E4, Android 7.1.1, Google Messages) before I installed other apps. Since the unread-counter is important to me, I installed Notifyer for unread-count. I am not sure if the unread-counter affects MMS or not , for I did not...
  2. JackieTyler

    In Progress All text is glitching out

    (Sorry for my horrible english) I opened my notebook this morning and found out that all text is glitching out like this, I can barely read through it ↓ I am getting desperate, I searched my laptop for viruses but its all clean. Thank you for help in advance.
  3. J

    Small Notepad Bug and Default Settings Question?

    From time to time in Notepad on printed files, and only on printed files, the letters at the end of sentences will be bunched together. I am using the new version of Notepad in Windows 10 Build 1809. The letters are not on top of each other, but there might be only a centimeter of space...
  4. E

    text is always bolded

    Hello everyone, about a month ago all text in english- on explorer and chrome- turned bolded. I'm using windows 10 and I've tried to reset the font settings back to default but it didn't work. I've also tried reinstalling fonts and it didn't work as well. Here's an example from my tumblr, the...
  5. U

    Project Fi and repeated texts

    Hello my generous helpful friends. Four of us group text regularly and for the last few days, Bill's texts have been repeating and come in a second or third time with different time stamps. Very annoying. "huh, what? Who is on first?" Other members are not repeating. Bill is pretty tech...
  6. DepravedDiptera

    Help With Text File Corruption

    Okay I had a .txt file that had all my passwords and usernames in it and I use Notepad++. I tried opening it to login to one of my Google accounts and found it's smeared in...
  7. T

    eMail Text Out of Whack...

    Okay so first, thanks for existing and all, as I can imagine you've all helped a lot of users \ people out! Second, this should be an interesting one, or not, but you tell me... A friend has a problem that as techy as I say to everyone that I am, I find myself at a loss. She had an email...
  8. M

    Written to text software?

    Is it possible to use a (cheap) drawing pad to write out simple math equations and then have a software transfer them into text? If so what's the name of the software. I want to digitally rewrite my math notes, but equations are a pain in the ass to write out manually on text programs. I realise...
  9. Rahul14579

    New text and icons renamed into weird symbols,image below help

    text and icons renamed into weird symbols , idon't know ehy it does that. but sometimes it just gets renamed to weird symbols, and i cant do anything plz help!!!