1. C

    Can't send MMS after linking phone to computer

    I had no problem sending images through phone text originally (Moto E4, Android 7.1.1, Google Messages) before I installed other apps. Since the unread-counter is important to me, I installed Notifyer for unread-count. I am not sure if the unread-counter affects MMS or not , for I did not...
  2. SlickStretch

    Allow incoming texts but not calls?

    I regularly sell items online. (Mostly Craigslist.) My phone has unlimited texting but very limited minutes. Is there any way I could allow texts but block calls? IE: I post an ad on Craigslist, and put my phone number on it. I would like people who get my number from the listing to be able to...
  3. P

    Texts coming from wrong number; can't send to right number

    When I send a text to my wife's cell phone using her actual, correct phone number, she does not receive it. Everyone else receives texts that I send them, so it's just a problem with my wife's phone. I sent myself a test text from her phone trying to troubleshoot the problem, and it went through...
  4. G

    I'd like to ...

    be able to send texts using my laptop. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  5. T

    2nd phone line & sending text from computer

    Hello all geeks, I would like to get a second line to use for work. I am thinking either Google Voice, Flyp or Line2. Currently, I send texts using my computer via mysms.com by sending from my personal number to the work phone and then delete the word forward. This is time consuming and I don't...