1. P

    Problem with graphics, maybe GPU broken?

    Hi, my problem is that some of the textures during gaming is messed up and it's in every game. Also, it recently started to show during normal usage of computer, for example some letters are messed up or some textures. Examples: https://imgur.com/a/xAKw3 my specs: i5-3570k Ram; kingston Gddr3...
  2. JoeByrneham

    CANNOT install minecraft shaders

    it is what it is. with neither optifine, or java, this sh*t will not install. i get an error with optifine and the texture packs saying error 0x80030001, problem with switches or something. and with forge i have installed everything correctly and it just doesn't work. This is so annoying and i...
  3. anass

    What is this how can it be fixed?????

    Please help me !!!! (sorry for my bad english) i don't know what is this exactly but most of the textures are missing and as you can see in screenshots. it's not a glitch in a specific game because most of my games are all like this not all just the big games like (Call of Duty),(need for...
  4. T

    Need help with graphics shading

    I have a minor issue where it seems that the shading on certain programs appears as horizontal bars instead of a nice gradient blend. It isn't monitor specific as it looks the same way on both of my monitors and I have no problem with the graphics card's performance or texture shading in...