1. T

    Help with setting up java to run .jar program on windows 10

    Hi, I have been trying to install and correctly set up JDK on my pc (including all the variables). The app I would like to run is Sony's Theme Creator but it no longer has human support so I cannot fix the issue I am having with them. When I want to open the .jar file after having installed...
  2. C

    Change language in Wordpress theme

    Hi, and thank you in advance! RE: WordPress WP theme Responsive How do I correct this, so that all system text is shown in Danish? In the top section of a post, where information about it is shown, like date posted etc., languages seem mixed together. The words and...
  3. T

    Solved How to Make Tumblr side links open in same tab?

    Hello all. I have tried to find the issue to this problem and I've no luck. My blog is here and here is my theme code. My problem is that every time I click on the side links on my theme (01, 02, 03, etc) it always launches a new tab. It is very bothersome because this sort of thing has never...
  4. H

    xp start menu color

    this is the only xp question that comes to mind; must be nice having a 13 year old desktop that still runs like a top. so ... i've searched hi and low, however it eludes me. anyone know how to change the xp start menu color from blinding white (same color of this forum) to something less...
  5. Groggy

    Changing Theme in Chrome/Windows 10

    I have the bland 'default' theme and want to change it. All my tabs and the upper area of the window are gray. When I go to the location to select a new theme and choose one, I click "Add to Chrome", which seems to execute properly. However, when I go back to my open (gray) tabs in Chrome, I...
  6. T

    Website with Wordpress

    Hello All, I am wondering if you people can help me out with my client's website, I have been doing hours of research to try and find a solution to my client's webpage problem, it seems like they have the 'white screen of death ' with their website as it doesn't show anything when I try to...