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    Solved How to Make Tumblr side links open in same tab?

    Hello all. I have tried to find the issue to this problem and I've no luck. My blog is here and here is my theme code. My problem is that every time I click on the side links on my theme (01, 02, 03, etc) it always launches a new tab. It is very bothersome because this sort of thing has never...
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    Restoring default theme

    Installed VistaInspirat2 bricopack on my XP SP3 and then uninstalled it. Later I installed VistaMizer theme and uninstalled it a well and then reinstalled the Bricopack. Now i wished to go back to the default theme and uninstalled the bricopack but the icons appearance, the logon page and the...
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    Oppo f1s colour os v lock screen theme stuck!

    Hi totalkaos2 here I have a oppo f1s that if set a theme that changes the lock screen look and when I went to go for a different look it git stuck and no matter what I try won't go away iv tried: SD protection ( oppo f1s does not have this option) Reapply the theme then removing or changing...
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    Help needed customising wordpress child theme

    Hi guys, Any help would be really appreciated! Im wanting to change the entire website to black with white writing. Im using inferno theme (Enigma child theme) and Ive added the following codes to the CSS editor. If you look at the page there is orange in the header the footer is grey and...
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    Solved Can't change desktop background

    I've had this problem since I 1st got this refurbished PC (Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit). I thought the problem might sort itself out once all the updates were installed, but no luck. When I try to change the background via Control Panel/Appearance & Personalisation/Change Desktop Background...