thermal paste

  1. A

    PC switches on and off after replacing CPU thermal compound

    Hi, I replaced the CPU thermal compound, but I forgot to remove the battery from the motherboard before removing the CPU. :/ Now when I switch on the pc, all fans switch on for a second but it all switches off again. I have tried removing the battery to reset CMOS - as it was suggested, but...
  2. L

    Computer wont turn on after i reapply thermalPaste

    i just changed my thermal paste and sadly , my pc wont turn on after it.Can someone please help me , i have so many important work data to submit :(
  3. Rynam

    Graphic card Nvidia gtx660 Doesn't detected

    My gpu was working fine since 3 years,until last month the fps on my games become so low 25/35.So I decided to clean and change the gpu's thermal paste,Then when I start-up the pc it shows no signal on the monitor....So I connect the vga cable on the board graphic and it works.the fans works...