thermal throttling

  1. Z

    Thermal Issues with my Dell G3

    Hi, I have been trying to undervolt my pc using XTU for a few days and have noticed something strange. Whenever my laptop is not connected to the charger the stress tests I perform in XTU shows no thermal throttling and the package temperatures from 52~56 C. However, if i connect my charger to...
  2. TheGreatKaito

    Solved Major stuttering and juddering in games[probably a GPU issue

    So,I had built my gaming rig just at the start of this year,with recommendations from my friends[tech enthusiasts]. These are my current system specs :- Hardware:- 1)Processor-Intel Core i5 6500 @3.20 Ghz. 2)Ram-8 GB[1 corsair vengeance 2400Mhz stick]. 3)Motherboard-Gigabyte H110M s2...
  3. D

    CPU is thermal throttling? (Windows 10)

    So I built my PC just over a year ago and have had absolutely no issues with it, until about a week ago. I noticed that my PC was running slower than usual, I was getting FPS loss while gaming, and everything else lagged too - opening/closing programs, switching tabs, etc. After downloading a...