thread stuck in device driver

  1. migalf062

    BSOD win 10: Thread Stuck On Device Driver

    ok so i had this for a year now, i just kept restarting and restarting. my computer specs: -amd Ryzen 5 3400g -16gb ram -win10 -no gpu just integrated apu -colorful a320m-k pro v14 problem: whenever i play games such as Dota2 or Csgo it would run a fair amount, then it would bluescreen with a...
  2. Z

    Display driver error

    System : Dell inspiron 15 5547 - win 8.1 with AMD radeon 2gb graphics + Intel HD graphics . Problem : 1. Many times system hangs while watching movies with a buzzing noise in speakers. Hard reset is the only option at that time. 2. " Display driver stopped responding and has successfully...