1. T

    how do i create a database on a GitHub repository?

    i was going to create a foums system on my website: , but i wanted to actually have the database for the posts on a github repo. also i was wondering a way to link the repo and my website so that when someone on my website clicks "Create new thread," they get taken to...
  2. AmateurJohn

    New Here, How do I..?

    How do I reply to a thread? I saw a thread and wanted to help the person, but it says " (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)". I have a free account. It says you can do basic stuff like make a post, reply, or make a thread. Am I missing something? I have only had this account for...
  3. LostMyWalrus

    Solved Which forum to post in for BIOS/general issue

    Hi. I can't figure out where I should post a question about the BIOS, and/or GRUB, and would greatly appreciate advice as to which one I should post in. :) Thanks!
  4. CluelessInSeattl

    "Watch this thread" without replying?

    I just saw a new thread that I'd like to follow. But the option to"Watch this thread" only seems to appear if I reply to the thread. I don't have anything useful to contribute to thread, I just want to keep an eye on it to see if someone posts a solution, because I have the same question. Is...
  5. B

    System Thread Exception Not Handled error at first turning o

    Dear All, I have just bought a brand new Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK. When turning it on the first time and trying to do the initial setup and to configure operating system (Windows 10) the following error message appeared: SYSTEM-THREAD-EXCEPTION-NOT-HANDLED. After restarting only a blank screen...