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    is it possible to detect the copy/paste text in the notepad

    I am doing some E-book typing work at home in which i have to convert jpeg handwritten images into text form. But the comapny from whicch i took this work has told me to not use any word detecting software or even copy/paste any thing in the work. So my question is this that is this possible...
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    Possible Virus?

    Hello! My wife was home one night, and out of the blue our Asus laptop started acting creepy. In large white lettering, not in a program or box, the computer started typing almost random phrases. "I see you" wake up little sparrow" "imagine molton steel traveling at 1500 mph". To say the least...
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    In Progress Chew-WGA v0.9.eXe virus

    Hi, My computer has been freezing a lot lately. I founded Chew-WGA v0.9.eXe in Task Manager. I found this report Is this file threat?
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    New Safe website know not working

    A website called which I use often and enjoy when I try to go on it know it says Threat has been dectedted but it never did in the past this is annoying because I want to use it how do i stop it being blocked