1. T

    Samsung note 9 thumbnails and Whatsapp crash issue

    Thumbnails do not show up in any Gallery applications. After a reboot they show up momentarily but soon after they stop showing. If I try to send videos or pictures on Whatsapp it crashes. Running Android 10 Tried uninstalling all apps/reboots/clear cache's/clean reinstall of android. None of...
  2. W

    Solved Lagging windows explorer, web browsing, youtube video

    Hi, I have been experiencing lagging on many processes while operating my computer. Dragging windows around lags, refreshing thumbnails in windows explorer and scrolling is super slow. Browsing the web on Chrome also is very slow. Websites take a while to load. When I scroll it stutters and...
  3. crcook84

    Turn shortcut icon images into YouTube thumbnails

    There’s a YouTube channel that I like a lot of the videos on. So, each time I see a video link I’m interested in, I drag the link to a folder so that Windows automatically creates a shortcut to the video. The problem is I recognize some of the videos by the thumbnail that was displaying on the...
  4. S

    Facebook Stuck on Loading with Video Links

    Does anybody have a solution to this Facebook problem please? When I post a link on my FB page, say to a video, it used to produce a thumbnail photo - which went live when I hit the 'post' button. But suddenly when I post the link the loading bar signal on the right above keeps loading but never...