1. C

    Thunderbird 68 cannot access local mail or server

    Imagine my surprise when instead of the expected security update, Thunderbird launched a whole new interface, version 68, which cannot find my local email nor log into the server. I get an authentication failure on the server password; and I have no idea why this new version of tbird can't...
  2. P

    Solved Thunderbird/Exetel emails suddenly lost?

    Good afternoon, We recently manually cleared a recycle bin due to an ongoing error message / issues accessing drive and have as a result lost all emails stored. We really need them back. Help??? No other changes to computer. Note: tried to complete system repair however despite admin access...
  3. S

    Thunderbird can't log in to Gmail on Linux

    Running TB various Linux devices accessing gmail. I use two step verification. Recently the TB apps on the Linux devices repeatedly ask me to sign in to Google. Then a cycle starts of 'wrong password' error messages. Going back to Mail Account Setup in TB, I get 'Username or password invalid'...
  4. A

    Solved Migrate Windows 10 Live Mail to Thunderbird

    Hi, Is there a way to migrate Windows 10 Live Mail to Thunderbird. Most importantly: so that the migration preserves all the user-made folders that the user made in Live Mail along with their contents. Thanks, Andyd
  5. A

    Solved synchronize thunderbird across Apple devices without Google

    Hi I use Thunderbird as mail client on my desktop iMac preferring it to the Apple Mail app. I have recently purchased a Macbook 12inch. If I install Thunderbird on the laptop, is there a way I can synchronize the Thunderbird files so that mail with all its sub-folders that I have created...
  6. M

    Moving Thunderbird from old XP machine to newer Win 7

    Working on my OLD WinXP machine, I spent the greater part of today downloading and installing TBird 52.6.0. Then I imported the address book, email folders, and settings from Outlook Express. After a few hours of monkeying around with the server settings (which btw did NOT import from OE...
  7. L

    Thunderbird vs. AVG vs. Windows 10

    I have been running Thunderbird for years, mostly with Windows 7, but now I have a new computer running Windows 10. I successfully moved my complete profile across from Windows 7, as well as moving my complete Firefox profile, as I have done before. But when Thunderbird started trying to...
  8. A

    What is the best software to backup email database on mac?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a software solution that can backup all my email database (all the email clients) on mac. Currently, I am running apple mail, outlook for mac, thunderbird and postbox with my 4 email accounts. All the accounts are IMAP enabled. I just need a software that can...
  9. A

    thunderbird displays 3 trash cans; cannot delete the 2 extra

    Thunderbird 45 on Windows 10 displays trash cans 3 times: One as a sub"folder" of the Inbox one as a sub"folder" of Local folders one as its own folder. when an email gets deleted from, for example, the Inbox, it goes into the trash bin in that folder. when I empyty that trash, it goes into...
  10. T

    Thunderbird on Windows 10

    Help! I have a 2011 Sony Vaio Z (specs below) running Windows 10. Thunderbird freezes after it opens and starts downloading email. Even going to Task Manager and trying to kill the process doesn't work. The error msg says: Access denied. Somewhere it was suggested to 'approve' Thunderbird...
  11. Maceral

    Solved Thunderbird Filters don't work

    My Thunderbird email filters have stopped working. I've re-indexed all the folders. I've cleared Error File Rules. I'm getting a lot of stuff showing up in the Errors Console. The Attached File contains a few of the errors. Any idea of what to do next? Thanks, Mac, Berkeley
  12. E

    Thunderbird X VPN

    I am doing some tests with VPN and having some problems with Thunderbird. Thunderbird works fine with my yahoo emails (to download and to send) when I am not connected via VPN. When I connect to the VPN, I can download the yahoo emails without problem, but when I try to send an email, a few...
  13. D

    Thunderbird Not Displaying Remote Images - FINALLY Solved!

    I have been tolerating this issue for years, and today, after wasting about 6 hours in investigation and testing, Thunderbird is now displaying external images "inline". I tried all of the suggestions found across the net, and nothing worked. Nada. Nope. Frustrating! Then I decided to think...