thunderbolt connection

  1. P

    Macbook Air to Dell P2419H

    I am currently using a MacBook Air (Catalina 10.15.6, Early 2014) and had it connected to a Dell P2419H as a second screen (external monitor) using a thunderbolt to HDMI and an HDMI to HDMI connection. It was working fine until I had to disconnect to use the MacBook elsewhere and when I tried to...
  2. arulthambu


    Hi , I want to know that 1.Apple thunderbolt to firewire adpter 2.firewire to dv camcorder connector 3.Asus thunderbolt laptop with windows10 ---- can these items works together? I wanna connect my camcorder with thunderbolt laptop.. Help me.. !
  3. B

    Apple Cinema Display 20 Inch Connection hit Macbook Pro

    I recently got a free Apple Cinema Display 20 inch that is fairly old, but seems to work well. I actually have two of them and got the cords to get it to work. Both of them connect with my Mac and I can either mirror it or have two separate displays, but some weird things have happened. Ive seen...