1. J

    Solved high download speed but slow download

    hello everyone, I am really confused to why even with this down load speed I can download with full speed in some places like uplay! but in anywhere else like: IDM, regular download and even on websites such as youtube, I get only about a 100-150kb/s. (even torrent is stuck at 100kb/s)...
  2. G

    Downloads slow for no reason

    Windows 10 Same internet as roommate who has upwards of 12MB/s download, I have less than 400 kB/s. Same ISP. Tried switching modem ports to no avail. Tried downloading the same programs from same sites with same applications(mainly Steam and BitTorrent) and same background programs running...
  3. T

    How to install softwares indesign and photoshop from usb

    I just formatted my mac after backing up all the files on a 1 tb external drive. Now, I have tried dragging in couple of softwares, indessign and photoshop into the desktop from the external drive but I am not able to open them. An error message keeps on popping up. Is there any other way to...
  4. V

    Solved Streaming Services

    If I torrent 2-3 movies a year and 3-4 books is it worth it for me to get a VPN? Also, should I be at all worried about streaming movies online?
  5. mohittomar13

    Solved how to download big files on android phone

    hi TSG, need some help. I had Ubuntu 12.04 that corrupted yesterday (I think my HDD failed) so I thought to try new Trusty Tahr 14.04.3LTS but problem is that whenever I try to download the ISO from Ubuntu website it fails. I'm using my android smart phone for downloading. I tried several...