1. H

    No Bootable device-insert boot disk and press any key

    I have a toshiba satellite l50-c-1xq and am worried if I have to buy a new Rom or boot up devises please can I have any help or part recommendations to fix this issue
  2. natalieh0934

    Toshiba External Hard drive not opening

    I'm having some trouble getting my toshiba external hard drive to show itself on anything other than the Disk Management on my PC running Windows 10 (I think). It isn't showing up in the File Folders and I can't figure out how to open it, but it says it's working fine. I've tried turning the...
  3. A

    Deleted network driver, broken screen, no display!

    Help please! My toshiba touchscreen has been broken for a long time now, we've just used an hdmi cord to connect it to a TV and used it as the monitor. Well it started acting up, getting slow and freezing so my husband was going to delete and reinstall the network drivers, (he says thats all)...
  4. SnowFADE

    CPU speed is rippling (Windows 10)

    Hello, I just registered to the site. I need help. My CPU speed is rippling for no reason. I mean, it's around 2.20GHz when I'm not doing anything, but it falls to 0.40GHz every 4 seconds whenever I do something (for example watching youtube, or playing games) and makes me unable to use my PC...
  5. S

    Graphic driver turned off (Black Screen)

    Hi people, hope you're well. I was wondering if someone could assist me? I yesterday was sorting out my gaming settings on my laptop and wanted to use my amid driver so thought if I turned the hp one off then amd driver would then go into use. How I was wrong. I've had a black screen and can't...
  6. K

    My AMD Radeon R7 M260 doesn't work properly on PowerDVD

    I have an Intel / AMD hybrid computer. If set in the graphics settings of Windows 10 PowerDVD on high performance, it can only play MPG and VOB videos. For everyone else he will tell me: "This file cannot be played", yet I installed the K Lite Mega Codec Pack by setting LAV Video on DirectX 11...
  7. P

    Forgotten bios password for toshiba a65 s126

    i have a toshiba a65 s126 laptop that has a bios password but I have forgotten it and without it you can not access anything in the computer I have taken out the motherboard and found the cmos battery it is soldered if I remove it and put it back will it reset the bios password?
  8. M

    Toshiba Satellite L650-1NU - turns off after 4-6 minutes

    Hello, I have problem with turning off Toshiba Satellite L650-1NU, it has processor - Intel I5-480m. Part NO: PSK1JE-0GD00KPL What I did so far: 1. Disassembled all parts and clean dust from - motherboard, cooler and heat sink. 2. Cleaned CPU and GPU from old thermal paste, I also put new...
  9. T

    Bad Motherboard? Toshiba Satellite

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55- A5104. When I try to boot up the laptop, I hear the optical drive making a brief noise, but the computer does not boot up. The power button light, charging light, and power light all come on, but screen remains black and the typical noises of boot up are...
  10. S

    Not finding boot device

    I have a somewhat old Toshiba. Satellite C75D-B7260. i was having problems woth the disk running at 100% so i tried poking around and ended up doing a restart and scan and now it would get stuck at 10% during the scan and next thing you know now it just pops up, no bootable device -- please...
  11. V

    Laptop not booting when internal hard drive is in

    I have a 320GB Toshiba internal hard drive for my Asus E402M laptop. up until recently, it was working perfectly. but now whenever I boot up my laptop, it takes about 5 minutes to load and then does not allow me to log in with my password. I tries taking the hard drive out and then booting it...
  12. zorgan

    Password on Toshiba Satellite L50-C-1GX Laptop

    I've a toshiba laptop here that someone has set a password on, they've gave me it to see if I can help, as for now im going to try take the CMOS battery out for 24hrs but wondering if there's anyone here who has information on how to bypass the password if this fails? They're a student and she's...
  13. A

    Can I view my Web cam History?

    Hello! my question is is it possible to view the history of a laptop's Web cam in any way? Say i turned on my laptop's webcam (Toshiba Windows 7) at some point then turned it off, is it possible to view or extract what that webcam saw? plus, if the laptop was to be formatted, will the person...
  14. neroid

    Laptop restarts-shuts down randomly

    Hello people of tech guy,i've been tackled with a mild problem you see i have a laptop from toshiba tecra m11 europe-greek edition and i got the problem that the last year it always restarts(frequently like per minute or up to an hour),it had a serious heating problem so i applied new thermal...
  15. V

    Stuck in startup repair loop

    I have a toshiba satallite laptop which is completely stuck in a start up repair loop no matter what I do I have tried accessing in safe mode which will not run allowed me to click on it but straight after back up comes the repair box any help would be great
  16. J

    Toshiba Satellite A300 No network connections available

    Hi, my Toshiba Satellite A300 has No network connections available. It works of and on and I don't know what the problem is. The wifi works fine on my phone and girlfriends laptop
  17. K

    Toshiba R940 gives blue screen or PXE-E61 Media Test Failure

    I bought a Toshiba Tecra R940 last summer used online. Yesterday the computer started making a high-ish pitches buzzing noise in the middle of the usage. I continued using my laptop as normal, but later tried to restart the laptop to get rid of the buzzing. I haven't been able to login since...
  18. J

    New RAM won't work

    I have a Toshiba Portege R700 laptop and I upgraded the RAM from 4GB (2 sticks) to 8GB (1 stick) and it didn't work. When I turned the laptop on the blue screen of death came up and the laptop turned off. I put the old RAM back in and it worked. What should I do to solve this problem?
  19. S

    my toshiba laptop keep freezing

    (by the way idk if this is a windows 7 related issue or hardware or something else) so the other day i was playing a game on my laptop. I close it and went to sleep and when i woke up i forgot to plug it in did that then turn it on than when the desktop comes on 1 to 3 mins...
  20. S

    Solved Intel drivers on laptop

    Do I need to install Intel drivers/ software for older laptop? I am working on an older Toshiba laptop L355-S7902, Serial No. Z8457742Q . Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16 GHz, Single hard drive - Toshiba MK2552Gsx ATA device. I have re-formatted, added some partitions, and...