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    Black screen on startup all in one touchscreen pc

    Was working fine last week moved it through to another room and now it starts up says pc in top corner then go's black hdmi connection is fine screen working in full colour but nothing on the pc Any advice would be much appreciated thank you 😊
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    Toggle touchscreen on/off by touch?

    I think I somehow manage to toggle my touchscreen off when casually using it on my windows 10 Dell XPS 9333 laptop. Is it possible? Or it's just some sort of bug? If it is possible, how do I turn the touchscreen on again? Currently I need to restart my PC for it to work again, which is a pain...
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    Ribbon cable issue?

    So originally I was having issues with the charging port of my laptop. ( It's an Acer Aspire e15 I guess? ) So I opened it up, thinking I could adjust it or see if I order a replacement if I could fix it myself. Issue isn't fixed but slightly better New issue is that the track pad doesn't...
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    Samsung A5 display is broken how do I control it from my pc

    my Samsung a5 was droped from a hight and the display stopped working but the touch screen is working so is it possible to Screen mirror my phone to my laptop? And i am not sure if the usb debugging is turned on (Also my home button doesn’t work) Help.... ! :(
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    Driver Issue After Win10 x32 Install

    Basically, I've got an HP Pavilion x360 (expired warranty) and yesterday, it completely quit on me. After hours and hours of reading forums and talking to various people, my only solution was to reinstall Windows 10 (32bit) using a USB. At first, it worked! Everything went great. But, I've...
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    Not sure where to post

    Not sure if I should post under photos and imaging or under hardware. Looking to find out: -what lap top works best for serious video editing? -do Photoshop CS5 users find a touch screen and/or windows pen more useful than a touchpad? I'd like a 17" screen and was told to look for one with 2...
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    Toshiba U925T-Touch Screen doesn´t work after upgrade OS

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Laptop U925T ...I upgraded the OS from Wiindows 8 to Windows 10 and my Touch Screen stop working. Now I downgrade to Windows 8 again and the it still not working.
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    iPhone 6 touch screen not responding

    I recently dropped my iPhone and the touch screen has stopped working. I can see my notifications on my screen but can't slide or enter my passcode or my fingerprint to open it. Will I have to replace the screen or replace the phone?
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    Cintiq 13hd touch screen issues

    The touchscreen for a Cintiq 13hd only works with multi-touch gestures and not single/double touch clicks or drags but works with 3/4 finger gestures. The pen for it works with single touch, and single/double finger touch has worked in the past. I have tried restarting the device, checking the...
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    Solved Wifi connectivity

    Hey all, I'm not a tech savvy person to begin with so I don't know how to fix this. So I connect my wifi to my laptop and it work works fine then I'll turn it off for the day and boom network is gone, it's not a router or Modem issue, because every other device works, and I can't even open that...
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    Dual touch overlay windows 10

    Hello, I am looking for some advice please, I have been building magic mirrors using a Packard bell that runs windows 10. I use a dual touch screen overlay on a tv and have never had any previous issues. I have just built one and the touch screen goes into overdrive, opening different windows...
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    Touchscreen help desperately needed!

    I have a HP Pavilion 23-p250na on Windows 10 and the touchscreen has stopped working over night. HP doesn't have a support line that is open during weekends of for computers that are out of warrenty. The computer has been owned for a year and a half and has worked perfectly until now. The...