1. K

    Toggle touchscreen on/off by touch?

    I think I somehow manage to toggle my touchscreen off when casually using it on my windows 10 Dell XPS 9333 laptop. Is it possible? Or it's just some sort of bug? If it is possible, how do I turn the touchscreen on again? Currently I need to restart my PC for it to work again, which is a pain...
  2. M

    Need help with making a flexible touch screen

    I have started making a project involving a flexible touch screen and am struggling to think of what materials to use, what type of projector to use and so on ,the list is endless. please help
  3. A

    Acer Touch Screen Laptop Under $600 ?

    Hello Everyone, i was looking to buy new Acer laptop with touch screen and 2 in 1 feature will be more good but getting the highest performance is my priorities so i searched online and found this collection here and found that the Acer Aspire V 13 can be good for me, any suggestions or ideas...