1. T

    Touchpad settings disappeared?

    After updating to the most recent version of windows on my laptop, i tried to find the "disable touchpad when mouse is connected" option in the touchpad settings, although all i have there is the sensitivity setting of it. The touchpad settings have disappeared, i tried unplugging my mouse...
  2. ahiung89

    Solved Touchpad Problem

    Device: Toshiba Satellite L510 OS installed: Puppy Linux Problem: I dont use the touchpad because something is wrong and everytime the touchpad is touched accidentally or not, the left click is dead. I'm using external USB mouse for the cursor, the only cure is to restart the laptop. right...
  3. S

    Touchpad Not Working

    I am currently using an acer travelmate b tmb115-mp-c6hb and I had to replace the harddrive. After I replaced the harddrive and installed windows 10 my touchpad doesn't work. When I open Mouse Properties and click on hardware there is nothing lised under the devices. How do I fix this?
  4. J

    my touchpad isnt working properly

    Okay first of all I am sorry for my broken English, So I was eating strawberry while watching Netflix on my Lenovo laptop. I toke bite on strawberry and it splashed on my touchpad, normally when water dropped i used to clean with my shirt and everything was going okay after that. But this time...
  5. S

    Loss of Keyboard touchpad Wifi and audio

    Hi all, my daughter has an Acer Aspire 5 --A 515 51G laptop with windows 10, 10 days ago she cracked the screen which we got replaced and all went well, 3 days ago it had done a windows update, 2 days ago when she booted it up to use it at school she had lost the use of the Touchpad, Keyboard...
  6. D

    Stop ZOOM with touchpad

    My Windows 10 laptop has a touchpad. Often, clicking the pad or even moving it will change the zoom on the browser screen. This especially occurs in Outlook. I want to disable this completely. The settings do NOT provide for eliminating ZOOM. The driver is "HID-Compliant mouse on USB device"...
  7. M

    Bluetooth Keyboard Single Tap Context Menu

    I have a bluetooth keyboard that brings up the context menu with a single tap. I'm accustomed to touchpads that bring up the context menu with a double tap or two-finger tap. I can't use this keyboard if I can't fix this issue. Is there a file I could edit to change how the touchpad interprets...
  8. S

    Touchpad decides to click and drag instead of tap to click

    Hi Running Win10 on an Acer E5-511-C46Y. I have an Elantech touchpad which every so often (maybe weekly) decides it's no longer going to do tap to click (my preferred setting) and is going to behave as though I am clicking and dragging the whole time. So I have to click instead of tap. It's...
  9. M

    Unsolicited/Phantom Right Clicks in top left screen corner

    Device is a HP Pavillion x2 - Detacable Tablet/Laptop Combo OS: Windows 10 I'm getting random right clicks in the top corner of the screen. These don't occur too frequently to make using the device impossible, but often enough to be irritating. The phantom clicks occur at random points...
  10. S

    How to restart touchpad without rebooting computer?

    Hi I have an Acer Aspire laptop with touchpad (Elan software). I like to use the tap to click function. About once every few days, the tap to click turns itself off. The first indication I get is often that whole swathes of cells in a spread sheet suddenly select themselves or a tab on Firefox...
  11. M

    Touchpad scrolling lagging and glitchy

    First of all, I'm running an ASUS Q550L Windows 8.1. I believe this system uses "SmartGesture" for the toucpad driver, which I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times over the past couple of days trying to get this worked out. If there are other specs that I should share, let me know...
  12. N

    Lenovo N22 80S6 thinkpad touchpad+keyboard not working

    what to do to get lenovo touchpad and keyboard working again? i've spent days researching and reaching out for support without any progress. neither neither touchpad nor keyboard work in bios, upon bootup , in mint or in live cd of mint. neither touchpad nor keyboard working when doing this...
  13. D

    Touch pad not working. On/Off toggle button still works

    Recently reassembled my dads Toshiba laptop (clean it every few months, we live in a dusty area) and this time the touch pad as well as the Toggle button (located just above touch pad) wasn't working. Re-opened, pulled and re-plugged all cables and success, kinda. Touchpad itself is still not...
  14. E

    Win 7 installed, no mouse, no touchpad, no ethernet, only kb

    I have just clean installed a new win 7 pro on my laptop, and after it installs and i log in, i can't move the cursor either with touchpad or usb mouse. It tells me that I should download some support programs, but then again, it does not seem to recieve wifi signals, and when i plug in the...
  15. I

    mouse cursor frozen in safe mode

    My Cursor stays frozen in the center of the screen and will not move even in safe mode. I believe my touchpad is broken so I want to use mousekeys. When I look at the device manager I can't see the mouse or pointing device section, When I go to the control panel I go to the "mouse" section...
  16. NocturnalChris

    Mouse Stopped Working After a DIY :-(

    Hello, fellow Tech-ers! Hoping someone's expertise can assist me. I decided to clean out my fan by opening up my HP ENVY x360 laptop keyboard. Unfortunately, I must've snagged a power strip or something because suddenly, the mouse stopped working. Does anyone know which power strip is for the...