1. Tokiahonta

    Tower not connecting to Peripherals

    Hi There, My tower is not sending a signal to my monitor, keyboard and mouse. I have to continually press it on and off and it usually eventually connects sometimes it takes 10 times, sometimes it takes more than 50. I have taken apart my tower, cleaned it and rewired it etc. Nothing is...
  2. C

    Buy Desktop Tower for Business

    My families business currently has 3 desktop computer (all have 2 new monitors). I am not happy with how they're running, we keep on having issues with them running slow, printers not connecting properly and other little things. I am just wanting to update the towers and need recommendations on...
  3. A

    Tower Problem

    While using my PC my tower shut down my monitor is working and displays No Signal on it but the tower is off and the power button does nothing everything's plugged in and the electricity is working fine. What's wrong with it? It's a bought computer not made.
  4. A

    Motherboard swapping HELP!

    Hi all. Im not a computer knowledge guy and need help. Basically iv been robbed by retail shop. I wanted the latest PC that works on all new games and basically i havnt got that. Iv upgraded the graphics card and memory and was told yo transfer all in a new tower case. Was told very easy to...

    Solved Computer Monitor says "No Signal"

    I have not been able to use one of my computer over the past couple of months because every time I turned on my computer nothing would pop up on my monitor. The hookups are correct, I cleaned the inside of the tower to make sure there isn't any dust and I even thought it was a monitor issue. I...