1. O

    water spill a couple of days ago

    Hi there! I have a Dell XPS13 laptop and the other day I accidentally got some water on the touchpad. it has been off since, about 48 hours by now with the exception of a few seconds testing it just a few minutes ago and a few seconds last night. once the water got on it, the touchpad stopped...
  2. T

    Ribbon cable issue?

    So originally I was having issues with the charging port of my laptop. ( It's an Acer Aspire e15 I guess? ) So I opened it up, thinking I could adjust it or see if I order a replacement if I could fix it myself. Issue isn't fixed but slightly better New issue is that the track pad doesn't...
  3. B

    trackpad issues

    I have an ASUS with Windows 10 and usually there's a feature where I can tap with two fingers to right click but it hasn't been working for a few days. All the ways on how to re-enable it that I've searched online aren't working. Really need some assistance
  4. A

    keyboard not working properly

    I got a Dell Inspiron 3000 series pc running on windows 10 pro 64 bit. its keyboard is not working properly. sometimes when I press a key nothing happens. but sometimes when I press a key it's typing the letter over and over again. when I connected an external keyboard, it has the same problem...
  5. F

    Circle with Slash on startup screen

    I have a 2015 Mac book pro. I had a larger internal hard drive installed 1 year ago and had it partitioned and boot camped. The past year I have been able to use both windows system and the Mac system with no problems. Until recently, when my track pad and keyboard randomly become...
  6. M

    Cursor loading image in different location

    When I click on a hyperlink or do anything involving my mouse loading, the cursor loading takes place about 1 inch up and about a centimeter to the left, while the location where the actual cursor is goes invisible and I have to guess where my cursor is located to click on things. This doesn't...
  7. M

    Touchpad scrolling lagging and glitchy

    First of all, I'm running an ASUS Q550L Windows 8.1. I believe this system uses "SmartGesture" for the toucpad driver, which I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times over the past couple of days trying to get this worked out. If there are other specs that I should share, let me know...
  8. D

    Touch pad not working. On/Off toggle button still works

    Recently reassembled my dads Toshiba laptop (clean it every few months, we live in a dusty area) and this time the touch pad as well as the Toggle button (located just above touch pad) wasn't working. Re-opened, pulled and re-plugged all cables and success, kinda. Touchpad itself is still not...
  9. M

    Solved Please help me, I'm desperate

    Hi folks, it's my first time here and I'm really hoping someone can help me out here. I'll just dive right right into it: Short version: -Laptop = ASUS G551VW -track-pad doesn't work. I know it's a driver issue. -under "Mouse Properties" in settings, there are two things listed as connected...
  10. D

    Keyboard & Trackpad Not Functioning

    First time user of this site. I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) laptop. Two months ago the keyboard and trackpad started to not function at times. After a few days they both completely quit working. I brought it into the Apple Store and they ran test and could not identify a fix...
  11. AntonMiEngland

    Solved Trackpad intermittent fault

    Dear readers I bought a laptop a while back, had some issues and after exchanging it a few times I came to this laptop that I am typing this article on now. The trackpad was a bit temperamental at first but then progressed to the point where, intermittently, the track pad will assumes that 1-2...