1. Sk8masta88

    External hard drive Mac to PC

    Hello, I am switching from Mac over to PC. I have an external hard drive which holds all of my DVDs that I have ripped over the years. Will I be able to watch them on this new PC? Do I have to do some sort of reformatting?
  2. T

    Access Internal Storage without the laptop working

    Okay i know from the start every Computer and Laptop is probably unique but my laptop wont boot up anymore but i still have a pc in my house is there any way that i can access the Internal Storage from my Laptop to retrieve some files without paying my local tech guy like 200 bucks...
  3. T

    Transfer iPhone game apps to Android phone

    I need to transfer 2 game apps from my old iPhone 6 to my new LG K20 plus Android to retain my progress on both games. They're both related, in order to earn points on the 1st game .. I downloaded the 2nd game through the 1st game app. I also have a laptop running Windows 7 and a 3rd phone...
  4. C

    Lightroom 3 won't recognize edits in moved files

    I recently got a couple of new hard drives. I meticulously moved all my Lightroom files onto the new drives and renamed them so they would have the same drive letters as the previous files. When I opened Lightroom I was able to see all my files in their proper places, but my edits all...
  5. K

    Data transfer via swapping hdd from Windows 7 to Windows 10

    I am trying to transfer data files from a Windows 7 machine to this Windows 10 one using a hard drive that I have had from yet another older pc. I.e. I copy data onto it from the W7 machine with the view of then copying from there onto the W10 machine. The issue is that once installed on the...
  6. Azymuth

    Transferring video

    I'd like to transfer some family videos from an old Samsung HR720 DVD player/recorder .... the HDD is a SV0802E/NPS ... any suggestions what I need to do/buy ? kind regards
  7. G

    Can't Access device with broken screen

    I accidentally broke my Samsung Galaxy A3 display and ended up with a black cracked screen. The phone is responsive as when i press the physical buttons, the non-physical buttons light up, and I also still hear notifications ring. I need to access the phone for data retrieval to be able to move...
  8. A

    Solved video upside down in VSDC Video Editor

    I made a video on my iPhone, I transferred it to my laptop with wetransfer, but when I put it into a project with VSDC video editor, it goes in upside down. How can I rotate it? thanks
  9. Sammilady

    Solved SD always default - Switch to HDD (Windows 10)

    I am beyond frustrated. I had someone build my computer for me, but I guess he didn't know I use photoshop. I didn't tell him. I don't know what else to do. There is hardly ANYTHING on my SD. There are no programs, music, photos, anything that would take-up space. All the space being used is...
  10. D

    Install SSD to make comp. boot off it. with HDD as storage

    So I got an SSD and I have a custom PC made but its only using a hard drive. I was wondering if its possible to transfer ALL my stuff to an external hard drive (except maybe games because I can just download them again.) Then format my computer's hard drive and boot the computer with an SSD...
  11. H

    Computer in 2 Different Languages, How to Correct

    Let me provide a bit of background first. I got a laptop in 2009 (Dell, Windows Vista), and in 2010 I changed the language on it to Spanish to help me become more fluent in it. I don't believe I ever reverted the actual changes on the OS for the language settings, although several Internet sites...
  12. C

    Possibly Hardware, I don't know

    So I built my computer over the summer and it worked completely fine, except for the fact that the internet connection would be messed up. My computer said it had a connection, but I was unable to load any webpages. No other device had problems with the internet. I reset the winsock, but that...
  13. V

    How can I transfer large files?

    I have a 12GB mp4 movie that I would like to transfer from my old laptop to my new one. Plan A was to use my 15GB usb stick to transfer the file but it didn't work due to its size. Plan B was to put the movie on a 32GB tablet then from the tablet I would put the movie on my new computer but the...
  14. J

    Transfer data from desktop hard drive to laptop without wipe

    Hi all, I bought a refurbished Dell Optiplex with Windows 7 a few years ago, not a brilliant PC but it was cheap and did the job for me. I used my own TV as the monitor so it was connected via VGA. One day when I turned it on it made a series of beeps which at the time I didn’t panic about. So...
  15. L

    Trouble transferring Windows 7 to new PC

    Hello, my laptop broke down the other day and it had a preinstalled version of Windows 7 on it, I have the product ID of that Windows version that was on my laptop and I wish to transfer it to my new custom desktop, I don't know if transferring an OEM veriosn of Windows 7 is possible so can...