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    IBM/ Microsoft Translator Text API

    Hi there! I'm looking for some practical help to build an translation app using Microsoft Translator Text API. I've tried to use Curl and C#, but got stuck in the middle. I don't have any idea about Visual studio or curl. Any online instruction would be appreciated. I can share my screen with...
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    Translate speech while streaming

    Hello. I am starting a Radio Show on YouTube. And I hope to have listeners that speak different languages. My main language is going to be English. So my question is, when I talk to someone live (probably through Discord) in Spanish can I translate it live in English? Thank you.
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    How can I get multiple file names translated?

    I have been looking for a program to batch-translate files from one language to another in explorer, but couldn't find one. I am a language teacher who designs my own material and I have a database of images, documents, audio and video files carefully named in English. 50% of it is useful for my...