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    Solved WiFi Icon disappeared (no usual fix working)

    Hi i seem to have a strange issue. my wifi/network icon has disappeared and after looking around i can't seem to find a fix. this is what my icon tray and subsequent notification menu look like at the network notification option. Please...
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    Blu-Ray External drive won't close

    Firstly, thanks to anyone who can help with this. I have an old Asus Blu-Ray Burner (Model BW-12D1S-U as far as I can read the tiny print) that I purchased in late 2014. Now, Ive been satisfied with it, but lately it's had one small problem; the tray for the disk gets caught when closing...
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    Solved CD/DVD/disk drive tray continues to pop open, and wont close

    I have a Lanovo Idea pad S510p Touch. I haven't downloaded anything other then updates. I have removed and reinstalled disk drivers. but for some reason the cd tray continues to pop open. no mater how many times I close it or restart the computer I have kaperski and it doesn't show any issues...