trouble booting

  1. L

    Computer Doesn't Start

    So before I had any errors, I could play any games done with good temps 50C to 60C. Three days later and I'm playing GTA V when all of a sudden my computer black screens and stops working entirely. Before this I had a blue screens saying (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED). I reinstalled windows and it was...
  2. P

    Cpu Power Connector Isn't doing it's job

    Hey I'm new to pc building and my friend suggested me to buy pc parts. Biig mistake lol. SO my problem is that I plug everything in to the mother board, but once I plug the cpu power connector into the mother board and power supply it starts for 5 seconds and then shuts off for a few seconds...
  3. O

    unable to boot, charge cuts off when turning laptop on. HELP

    My laptop used to work like a charm 2 weeks ago, starting from last week it started having trouble booting, I had to push the power button about 8 - 15 times for it to start and everything works as normal. yesterday while I was using the pc, it suddenly turned off without warning and it wouldn't...
  4. AntoniaNewbie

    Solved Is my HDD ruined ?

    Hello, I'm a first time builder, built my first PC Yesterday ... that would be Aug 5th 2017 ... it went okay, I was a little nervous about ruining things but I got the whole thing set up and booted to windows 10 just fine, Then I worked out that my keypad was acting up ( I used an old keypad )...