1. Mrs.Puff

    Gaming Pc Problem

    I recently bought a prebuilt, pre-used pc, and I am having issues with it. Here are the specs: Gtx 970 Fx 8320 clocked to 4 ghz 8 gb of ddr3 ram Msi motherboard not sure of model It has a 600w psu The case is a diypc tg 8 500gb hard drive Windows 10 ———— Monitor: hp 22 cwa The issue...
  2. M

    ASUS X553M Display problems

    So i have had this laptop for about a year now, i has never had any problems. I think the only risk i took was running production software on it but its been doing well and running the software well for more than six months now. About three weeks ago I was just watching the office on it and the...