turning off

  1. M

    PC turns off in the middle of gaming

    My pc automatically restarts when i play games. The average time the system goes dead is 30-45 mins of gaming. The system works fine if i don't run games and use it to run other programs like browsing songs and movies. I'm not sure what exactly the problem is.. is it because of the overloading...
  2. pointofnoreturn

    USB MP3 Player keeps turning off when connected.

    I own an mp3 player that I should theoretically be able to connect to my PC via USB port in order to charge, add/remove music, etc. but now, every time I plug it in, the player automatically starts to turn off once plugged in, and when it turns off, I can no longer access the files on it through...
  3. F

    Computer turning off after installing new HDD

    So I hadn't used my computer for quite a while and decided to go back to it and try and play a game, however the game that normally runs fine completely froze and I couldn't play. I checked task manager and saw my hard drive, about 5 years old, was constantly at 99%. I bought a new one last...
  4. Z

    Computer constantly turning itself off

    Hey My computer continuously turns off whenever anything graphically intensive happens. This started about a year or two ago intermittently, gradually getting worse over time, and now it's gotten so bad that I can't even watch videos or browse pictures or play any game at all for more than 20...