turns off after seconds

  1. BeigeGalaxy

    PC turns on for a brief moment then shuts down

    Hi, I have been running into a problem with my PC for 2 days now. Whenever I try to torn it on, all the leds light up, but only for a brief moment, then the PC shuts down. I got it to turn on and run just fine after unplugging all the cables (usb, hdmi, display port and psu cable), then only...
  2. J

    Computer booting up for few seconds then turns off

    Hi Thank you in advance to anyone that can help, So seemingly overnight my gaming computer of a year has stopped working, I try turning it on and it starts booting up for about 7 seconds before it shuts down again then it boots up on its own for about 2 seconds and shuts down, repeating this...