tv audio

  1. J

    Remote for sound bar

    Hi everyone, I recently bought cheap soundbar on Amazon. I connected it via audio connectors to my older plasma tv. The instructions told me It can play Bluetooth and play music from my phone. I’m only using it for my television but unfortunately it did not come with a remote for volume...
  2. PizzaLover84

    Microphone Input to TV

    Ok so basically, I have a microphone and I want to connect it to my tv. Nothing really special about it, just a simple microphone jack. Is there any way to do so? It's not a karoke machine type deal, though I'm wishing I spent the money on that if I knew I was going to have somuch trouble haha...
  3. J

    RCA audio out to HDMI or USB input

    I am connecting a headset to a TV and Xfinity box plus an old VCR. There are 2 RCA plugs on the headset. I have no rca on the xfinity box or the tv. The present hookup is coaxial into the Xfinity box, hdmi out to hdmi in on the tv. The vcr hooks up directly to the tv via ?? (I can’t remember...
  4. TheCrazzyPizza

    Surround sound using TV speakers?

    So my Tv has some pretty good speakers I don't want to use a sound bar or other speakers to replace but want to complete the surround sound. My tv will let me do it but how can I? It's only back speakers and subwoofers that I want and I can only use optical cables. How can I do this as cheap as...
  5. L

    Seiko 55" TV compatible wireless headphones

    My 55" Seiko TV wasn't picking up Netflix or other streaming media well until I re-ran it through a Samsung Blue Ray. Now it connects just fine. Unfortunately, my wireless headphones won't work. I've tried switching things around and cannot get a signal. Somebody suggested that the current...