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  1. Gazegaz

    Which TV for calls !

    Hi Guys i am looking to out a 50-55 " tv in my new office to hold video conferences and presentations . I would like the tv to have a camera in or can add on and and good quality sound or add on sound bar , plus add on for mic I know how to mirror for presentations , i just need to know how...
  2. M

    Macbook cannot find my Smart TV

    Our office just got a new Hisense smart TV with Anyview Cast for screen mirroring. We were hoping to screen cast instead of using an HDMI. One windows computer seems to be able to find the TV but no matter what I try, my macbook can't seem to even find the TV much less connect to it. And as it...
  3. B

    Mitsubishi projection TV help

    I have a 73" TV I'm trying to get sound to play through my surround sound. Tv model number is wd-73c10 and the surround sound is Logitech. Any help is appreciated.