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    Samsung 60" LED TV, no pic, LED's flashing

    Trying to find someone that knows LED tvs. My picture went out before, I bought a new PS board and that fixed it. This time, red power button comes on, flashing, no pic but the screen flashes faintly because the LEDs are flashing. Two different PS boards, same thing so it is either the main...
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    Hello, I am a teenager with very little understanding of technological terms, and am having some problems with my LCD32-209 TV. Would it be possible for some solutions? ♥ Thanks for reading this. A few months ago, my TV was unresponsive to attempts to power on, and took multiple attempts to do...
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    RCA TV Troubles

    My 40" RCA TV has recently decided that it doesn't enjoy turning on. Whether by the remote, power button, universal remote app, nothing was working. Then, I tried moving it and plugged it into a wall socket and it had no issues turning on via the power button one time. Just to double check I...
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    Picture is backwards on TV after replacing T-Con board

    I recently replaced a T-Con board on a TV. After getting the set back up the picture is flipped backwards so all of the text has to be read right to left. Is there a setting I can change it to be correct or is it a bad T-con board? I have not found any information that helped. Possibly just buy...