1. Ethanq2n

    Deleting ubuntu and returning to windows errors

    I made the mistake of going to disk management in windows and deleting the ubuntu partition. Upon restarting my PC, it booted right into the GNU GRUB version 2.04. I have no idea how to get out of the GRU GRUB and back into windows 10 and make my situation right. Can I please have some guidance.
  2. H

    Steam games on ubuntu

    Hi so I've been having trouble with ubuntu so I've got my games working and am able to install the but I cant seem to get them to save to my external hardrive. I know the press how you got to settings downloads and add new folder but when I do that my ex hardrive wont show up
  3. mohittomar13

    Solved Should I select "/dev/sda" OR "/dev/sda7"

    Hello everyone, I need your help again. :) I have Ubuntu 14.04.3 and Windows 7 installed on my system, but I never liked the Unity Desktop so I thought to install Kubuntu instead as my main OS. But for the time being I need windows as well. Also instead of running sudo to update to KDE I...