1. A

    How do I Rename an existing linux distro permanently

    I want to rename a linux distro completely. For example, I will talk about Ubuntu. I want to rename Ubuntu as "AUbuntu" or maybe even "Aubuntu" will do (that does not matter). I want to rename Ubuntu in such a way that everywhere I must just be able to see AUbuntu in place of Ubuntu, be it in...
  2. P

    This is a weird one

    So I starting work for a company that use ASD. Basically they sent me the link for the program and I have to download it to my usb. If I start working for them then instead of logging into My windows 10 I’ll be logging into the asd. It’s like a whole desktop of its own. anyways, it works fine...
  3. mohittomar13

    Unable to delete useless commands from ~/.bash_history

    I wanted to delete commands that are common (such as pwd, ls -l, cd, ) and keep the ones that I might forget how to use. To do this I ran the following commands history | grep "cd$" | cut -c 1-5 > ~/sandboxArea/histDelTemp.txt cntr=0; for i in $(cat ~/sandboxArea/histDelTemp.txt); do var=`expr...
  4. A

    Linux to Windows transition

    Hi there, I recently tried to change my OS from Ubuntu to Windows 10 but couldn't see my usb in the boot menu so I formatted all the partitions including swap to NTFS using Ubuntu's disk manager, hoping that I will be able to boot from usb if the partitions were changed to NTFS format. But even...
  5. M

    Solved Help with Linux terminal on Windows

    Hello, I have enabled Windows subsystem for Linux by running Windows Powershell as administrator and ran the following: $ Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux After that I restarted my computer and installed Ubuntu. Then i ran the following...
  6. mattig89ch

    Used Laptop Recommendations

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a used laptop in January, after the christmas season has died down. The purpose of this laptop is singular. I want to run Ubuntu 64 bit, with the cinnamon UI. As you can probably guess, I'm going to be using it to learn Linux. That is its entire reason for...
  7. K

    Solved Installed Ubuntu but want to go back to MAC OS

    I have downloaded ubuntu desktop on my mac and I want to delete it and go back to the mac OS my mac came with but I can’t figure out how to. Please help. Thanks
  8. G

    Need help. Might lose data

    Hi So I needed up pretty bad I wanted to install Ubuntu on a bootable drive and for that i made a bootable USB with Ubuntu installation disk on it. I booted from the usb and reached the installation screen. There were 3 options 1. Erase the drive and lose my data and install 2. Keep the data and...
  9. D

    Unable to boot to win 10

    I tried to install android x86 in laptop ...I already had win 10 and tried to use dual os . I tried to install android x86 from my pendrive . It prompted to install grubloader and I installed it . Now i got stuck with the grub loader . Now I can't even load windows 10 nor android os ... It is...
  10. A

    Cant Access drive in dual boot

    I've Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and it came with all my drives encrypted with bitlocker. I dual booted it with ubuntu 18.04. However i'm unable to access windows drive from it. I tried disabling bitlocker on one of those drives yet it did not show up in ubuntu. Moreover it asks me recovery key every...
  11. S

    FTP server using Amazon EC2

    I've been trying to set up an FTP server on EC2 amazon web services. I set up a Ubuntu instance (free option) then connected this to Filezilla client. I can now freely exchange files between any machine and my instance using filezilla on SFTP... I still have a few questions however.. 1) I'm...
  12. A

    Please help with Alfa awus036ach Wifi Adapter driver!

    Guys i bought a usb wifi adapter alfa awus036ach but i'm having troubles with installation. Sometimes it says that i don't have needed modules (while i do) sometimes that my version is other etc. Could someone try to help me with remote desktop? If i get what i want i'm even ready to pay with...
  13. K

    Elementary OS System settings

    It may be a bug or my mistake that when I try to change a system setting and close the settings application the setting does not apply at all. Is there anybody on tech guy who uses Elementary os, I have encountered many errors after installing it like the filesystem changes to read-only, system...
  14. LostMyWalrus

    Solved Cant get into Bios to change boot order (ThinkPad T450)

    So, my friend has just received a laptop that isn't exactly functional at the moment. It only has Ubuntu on it, which is in guest mode, and there is no known password for elevated privileges (that we actually have). So I made her a bootable USB with Windows on it to install. The problem is that...
  15. J

    BIOS virus ?

    How common it it ? I have old sony vaio laptop with windows 7. I am planning to install ubuntu in it to handle extreamly sensitive financial work. If I completely unistall windows and install latest ubuntu from scratch is there still possibility that BIOS virus can cause system vulnerabilities...
  16. A

    virtual box(oracle)

    i have an ubuntu installed on vb(virtual box).but when i open it it shows error message pls help me dealing with it as i need to complete a project the error message is: Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Cyber_Workshop. The virtual machine 'Cyber_Workshop' has terminated...
  17. E

    HELP Failed Ubuntu dual boot installation deleted windows

    Please help, I was trying to install ubuntu alongside windows 10 on my custom desktop. During installation I chose the "install ubuntu alongside windows 10 option". The next option was to select drive and allocate drive space. I chose the were Windows 10 was installed, and distributed the disk...
  18. gentrix96

    Connecting PS4 to Spotify using a proxy server

    Hi everyone. I live in Iran where access to sites like Youtube and Spotify are forbidden. So I have to use things like VPNs and proxy servers and all those stuff in order to be able to access those sites. but since Playstation 4 doesn't have the VPN option, I'm only left with only one option...
  19. S

    Getting ubuntu off my laptop >:c

    I let my ex boyfriend borrow my laptop for a while, and he put ubuntu onto it. Now i have it back, and im not the savviest girl in the world, so i have no clue how to fix this. I dont even have the password to get into his account. All i know is its an ASUS model R541U and i want my windows 10 back.
  20. D

    Dell XPS L511z "Operation System not found" boot error

    Hi, I am currently getting an error on boot saying that the "Operation System not found." Diagnostics showed that the 5+ year old SSD was dead. I replaced the drive with a new one and planned to install Ubuntu before deciding if I should reinstall Windows 7. I have tried booting from several...