1. D

    Dell XPS L511z "Operation System not found" boot error

    Hi, I am currently getting an error on boot saying that the "Operation System not found." Diagnostics showed that the 5+ year old SSD was dead. I replaced the drive with a new one and planned to install Ubuntu before deciding if I should reinstall Windows 7. I have tried booting from several...
  2. S

    My laptop gets strucked at loading screen

    My laptop is HP-15-ac045tu. I'm dual booting Ubuntu 16.04 with win 8.1(I use grub) Yesterday I found that my win 8.1 was struck at loading screen. The same goes with Ubuntu,and it showed the errors and was not loading. (Yes,It did n't happen just like that.Before booting,I tried...
  3. mohittomar13

    How to extent my '/' root partition

    I've been trying to increase the size of my root partition but not able to understand the actual process. So decided to ask the question here; included is a screen-shot from my system. I want to add unallocated 26 GB space to my existing /dev/sda5 Device /dev/sda6 is my home directory and...
  4. J

    Locked out of admin account for Kali linux and Ubuntu os.

    I got a computer given to me with those two operating systems on it. However I am locked out of the admin account to make any changes and I want to uninstall those os` and put windows 7 back on it. I used a boot disk through the USB port and thought I had gotten somewhere . Deleted the volume...
  5. crcook84

    File server alternative to Ubuntu

    Just a quick backtrack: If anyone has been following my posts, I rebuilt a file server out of an obsolete Isilon. I had a spare motherboard, so I stuck that in the chassis. The problem is that Windows Server doesn't like any of the drivers. However, Ubuntu auto-installs everything. The problem...
  6. L

    Asus Laptop display problem

    Laptop specs: Asus N550JK Intel Core i7 8gb RAM Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 850m Dual booted Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 Problem: When I fist noticed the problem, the display would cut out when I moved the lid. The screen had power but no display. This was fixed in Windows by restarting the display...
  7. S

    Installing windows 10 .iso file

    I have a laptop running ubuntu 14.04, and I want to install windows 10. I have the .iso file from microsoft, but what now? Shigeru Miyamoto (not the cool one that made Mario and Zelda, just some random bloke on the internet who decided to make his username ShigeruMiyamoto)
  8. K

    help fast

    HELP HELP HELP while installing ubuntu i clicked on delete data and now my whole harddrive is formatted and all the partitions are removed please help me how can i get my data back
  9. S

    Windows bootloader reset

    Hey, I hope that this post is in the right place. I was duel booting Lubuntu and Windows 10 using GRUB quite happily until the Lubuntu partition got corrupted. Not to big an issue, I went into Windows and deleted/merged the partition. I then used a USB live Lubuntu (16.10) disk to try to...
  10. Edelmen

    FAILED: Ubuntu Installation from USB Drive

    Hello! I gave up trying to install Windows 10, so I decided to install Ubuntu instead, hoping it will work. I followed the instructions on how to create a bootable USB stick here: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows 1. After everything, I inserted the USB...
  11. T

    Solved Ubuntu didn't delete Vista.

    I downloaded Ubuntu, saved it to a formatted memory stick, as advised. Rebooted, and installed from the stick using Unetbootin, opting for the complete deletion of Vista from the system. Everything was great until I found I couldn't find the external HDD.. so I rebooted, thinking it was a...
  12. shardul

    How to install Windows on a laptop with pre installed Ubuntu

    My laptop has Ubuntu 14.04 and 1 TB hard disk. So I want to keep both Windows and Ubuntu with 100 GB allotted to Ubuntu and remaining to Windows.
  13. G

    wifi dosnot work correctly on ubuntu

    I am using ubuntu . My wifi disconnects after some time automatically .
  14. B

    How do I boot my laptop from my sd card (getting ubuntu)

    My laptop is a Nextbook touchscreen laptop/tablet and I'm trying to get Ubuntu
  15. A

    Not able to install ubuntu on my hp 15 notebook pc

    I get the screen asking if i want to install or try ubuntu but after that it loads for a while and i get an initramfs screen which say 'Unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem'. I have read several forums which ask to use usb 2.0 but that does not work. Also my BIOS is insydeh20 and...
  16. mohittomar13

    Solved how to download big files on android phone

    hi TSG, need some help. I had Ubuntu 12.04 that corrupted yesterday (I think my HDD failed) so I thought to try new Trusty Tahr 14.04.3LTS but problem is that whenever I try to download the ISO from Ubuntu website it fails. I'm using my android smart phone for downloading. I tried several...
  17. N

    WineASIO not working in FL Studio help

    So I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.3 and for the past month have been trying to get FL Studio to work in it. Ive taken every step on this page and even installed kstudio repos like in this video plus some other things but no luck. I should mention I have a discrete sound card through which I'm trying...