unallocated space

  1. whatname

    1TB internal drive containing all data suddenly 'unallocated'

    Hello and thanks for reading. This drive doesn't show up in Win 10 Windows Exporer. It shows up in Disk Management as Unallocated. An I/O error started displaying as I was attempting to save some midi files to the disk. There is a lot of advice about this problem around the net, some of it...
  2. S

    Solved how to merge my passports 2 partitions

    I bought a new 1Tb WD Passport and the guy at the store made 2 partitions of my passport and when I tried my passport on my TV to watch some films it cannot read my passport because of the partitions so now at the moment I deleted the other partition and now it is labeled as "Unallocated". Now I...
  3. somhrsh

    how to unpartition unallocated storage in windows 10

    i rectly created a partition for linux but i didn't use so went on to remove it again but something seems to be the issue and now i can't add it to my main drive. The unallocated space is blacked out and option for extending the volume is greyed out. any step by step process will be helpful...
  4. PraPRApRA

    unallocated disk

    how to recover only photos from deleted unallocated partition ?
  5. T

    Solved Windows Server 2012 R2 Raid 5 Unallocated Space

    We purchased a Dell PowerEdge R320 Server which has three 2 TB SAS hard drives with the hope of configuring RAID 5. However after selecting BIOS mode and re-imaging with Windows Server 2012 R2( via a USB drive) we could not realise the full RAID 5 space as there was some unusable unallocated...