unexpected shutdown

  1. DoggosTacos

    Unexpected, Unexplained Shutdowns

    Hello, I am currently having an issue with my computer shutting down unexpectedly with no warning. Everything will power off, however, once turned back on all programs that were running once the shutdown happened will still be running fine, including programs that require internet. I am not sure...
  2. T

    Windows 8.1 reboots when accessing files and scanning

    Hey guys, I REALLY need help. My pc boots to desktop fine, but it will suddenly restart when: - accessing my Downloads folder (I moved all the contents of that folder in Safe Mode [where it was fine] to a different folder and the problem followed it) - sometimes accessing other folders (but not...
  3. B

    Laptop shuts off automatically

    hi i am facing this from about 2 days that my laptop used to shut off automatically can anyone help me i get 50 degree on every app that speaks about temp. i am very disappointd by this can anyone help me please.