unidentified network

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    Laptop has annoying wifi and ethernet connection issues

    My Dell laptop has trouble connecting well to my home internet. With wifi, it is almost always super slow, like 8 or 9 mbps. Sometimes resetting the modem and restarting the laptop at the same time will fix this temporarily. With ethernet, occasionally it connects and is fine, but more often...
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    Limited Access Unidentified Network

    i'm getting this problem in my laptop Windows 7. My windows is connected to the wifi but it frequently disconnects automatically showing Limited Access. I've tried many ways but it won't be solved.
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    Pc wont connect to internet with ethernet or wifi adapter.

    For about a year or two now, my pc will not connect to any network at all. I've tried pretty much everything so i decided to come on here and get some help. When the problem first occured, i thought maybe it was just my ethernet adapter not working so i went out and bought a wifi adapter. It...
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    Computer won't connect via ethernet

    So I can connect to the internet through wifi, but when I try to use an ethernet cable it can't identify it. I know the cable works, I plugged it into my laptop and got ethernet connection on that. When I run troubleshooting it says "Ethernet does not have valid IP configuration." Not sure if...
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    Unknown network on windows 10 pc

    I was messing with connections to try to fix a bridged connection that I had on my computer when I changed some setting or configuration and now my computer connects to my wifi but says no internet and when I diagnose for problems it says that Ethernet does not have a valid ip network...
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    Unidentified network, using TPLink Powerline adaptor

    I have always connected to the internet via this powerline adaptor (http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/TL-PA4010.html) which is connected to my home network. Has been working smoothly for months. Yesterday the net was being unstable (intermittent disconnects) so I plugged it out and back...
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    Ethernet Has no Default Gateway

    I first tried resetting the modem which worked after about 5 tries, I then woke up the next day and it went back to "unidentified network" "no network access" Here are the results from "ipconfig/all" if this helps. Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . : Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . ...