1. IDemandAPanda

    Uninstall Corrupt File - Windows 10

    Hello, I’m trying to play Windows 95 games on my Windows 10 computer but am having some problems. When I tried to install one game, it only got to 83%. I waited a while before I eventually had to close the program using the Task Manager. As a result, the file became corrupted and will only let...
  2. RondaPierce

    Uninstalled app win10 ruined my live stream

    Hey there, so I am trying to live stream with PS4, avermedia capture card, to my PC. It was choppy, so I checked my CPU, was 98%. Deleted and uninstalled useless games like wild tangent games and roller coaster typhoon. Im under the impression I uninstalled a win10 app. Please help!!
  3. Hipstachio

    Avast, More like delete-stuff-without-permission-vast

    I was checking out some old photos from an SD Card on my PC, and suddenly Avast kept popping up with a tick sign saying: “Threat secured!” And I quickly checked my SD card and I couldn’t open the DCIM file!! From anger I immediately uninstalled Avast... how am I supposed to recover my files...
  4. timeylordi

    Core Temp software corrupt, it wont uninstall

    Hey all, i installed core temp but when i tried to run it i got a blue sceen and my pc restarted. I was worried but my pc is fine. Im trying to uninstall coretemp now but i think its corrupted and i cant even uninstall it. This is the error message that i get. Should i be worried? and what can i...
  5. I

    Skype Installed Twice?

    Hello I appear to have 2 versions of Skype installed on my Windows 7 64bit PC. They are: Skype Version 8.56 Skype 7.24 Do I need both or can I safely uninstall one of them, please? Thank you, Ian.
  6. I

    Solved Firefox speed

    Hi I am using Vivaldi as my default browser and while I do like it, it occasionally crashes and locks up my Windows 7 64 bit PC. Therefore, I thought I'd have a look at the latest version of Firefox, which I've heard good things about. I decided I would set it up exactly how I wanted it, even...
  7. M

    Can't uninstall Plarium...

    I tried iobit uninstaller and ccleaner and the normal add remove programs. At first the only that even saw it was iobit but now it doesn't even show up there and when I tried to uninstall it there when it did show up it just popped up with an installer to install it again there was no uninstall...
  8. T

    Driver stuck: desperately need help...

    Greetings Internet! Recently, I received a new graphic tablet. Yay! To install this tablet's driver, I had to uninstall the previous tablet's driver. Worked good, and so did my tablet after this, but about an hour after, I get a vicious malware. After hours of struggling, I launch a restore of...
  9. S

    MorphVOX - Voice changed after uninstall

    Greetings, I've been searching through the internet as much as I was able to, now my nerves are blank and I gave up on hope. Yesterday I installed "MorphVOX" to edit my voice into a monsters one - for records playing Evolve 2 - but it didn't work as I expected it to do, so I simply uninstalled...
  10. B

    Installing/Uninstalling program problems. urgent help please

    Hey, I have a Dell XPS l501x, and just recently fresh formatted it to Windowsw 10 Home edition, installed all the drivers etc no problem. Now for some reason everytime I try install/uninstall a program just before the window comes up for me to confirm the action.. my screen turns black with a...
  11. V

    Chrome Will Not Open

    I've tried closing and reopening the program, uninstalling, reinstalling, I dont have malware, Internet Explorer works. Why is this happening? Sometimes it opens 10 minutes later. It feels like my computer is incompatible with chrome (which is impossible).
  12. snikert

    Help with removing updates

    I'm not sure if this post should appear here under Windows 7 or under Windows 10. With that in mind, I'll start with Windows 7! I want to remove any and all updates related to Windows 10 installation because I have decided I definitely do not want Windows 10 installed on my computer. The...