1. majds26

    unlock phone without losing data

    hey there, I have an android phone, I forgot the password and I forgot the Gmail acc. is there any way to unlock the phone or recover the data from it. I need the pictures and contacts etc... thanks.
  2. S

    Moto G5 Plus - want to unlock

    Hello guys, Recently i bought a Moto G5 Plus smartphone, now i want to unlock, root and TWRP on my phone. because i want to install a custom ROM. anyone help me out ?
  3. G

    Solved Unlocking CPU cores, good or bad?

    Recently, on youtube.com, I found articles on how to unlock the CPU's cores and gain processing speed. I have a desktop with an Intel G2030 CPU. I followed the procedure presented by the author and found a very noticeable increase in the responsiveness of Windows 7 in booting, shutting...