unmountable boot volume

  1. ChelseaNeedsHelp

    BSOD - Unmountable Boot Volume

    PC SPECS: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Education, 64 bit Processor: i5 7th Gen Total Physical RAM: 16 GB I'm using a Hailan All-in-one PC, just bought a few months ago. Problem: I used the PC perfectly okay the same day it went blue screen. After about 5 hours since last using the PC, I...
  2. M

    Solved HP ProBook 645 G1 Laptop - Issues Installing SSD Drive

    Hello, I'm having an issue installing a SSD drive on a HP ProBook 645 G1 Laptop, with it's latest BIOS 1.47. I'm pretty computer savvy and haven't had this problem upgrading any laptop to a SSD drive before! When I connect any SATA HDD, it boots up off a Windows 10 USB stick no problem, detects...
  3. A

    W10 unmountable bsod

    I’ve done just about everything on the internet. I got the USB media, got it to start with that, but no matter how much i press the repair button, it doesn’t want to lead me to any screens. The first time I press it, it shows a loading icon and then leaves me on a blue screen, and then i press...
  4. W

    Windows 10 "Unmountable Boot Volume" Error!

    Hello. I recently purchased a Dell Alienware 17 from a licensed refurbished Dell vendor on eBay earlier this year, and it came with Windows 10 installed (no recovery disk, though I could make one myself). The laptop works fine most of the time, however I occasionally get an immediate blue screen...
  5. A

    Unmountable Boot Volume

    Hello, I made a previous thread on the problem that I will resume on this thread: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/did-i-do-something-wrong.1161268/#post-9171393 But now, my computer doesn't even start Windows 7 at all. I've tried going on Safe Mode by pressing F8, and it blue screens me...