update issues

  1. 1

    Solved Asus trouble after recent update

    My friend's laptop after updating appears to have lost sound through the speakers. With her headset in, she can hear just fine. but when she takes them out there's no sound. She said at first after the update it showed the computer as muted then suddenly it wasn't. We have no idea what the...
  2. Kferguson319

    Wanna cry files found

    I had a question about whether it's possible on a VPN and while I'm hardwired into my modem and had a dialer hooked up to my home phone to the mac...if someone could create a clone of what would appear to be just another one of my computers running on my home network if I had it running online...
  3. S

    Audio issues/Trouble with installing the right audio driver

    I've been having problems audio problems in general on my Inspiron 15R N5110 that runs on windows 7 (windows 7 pro) more specifically my computer speaker the issue is when I unplug the headphones or shut off my computer it resets to the speakers and my speakers are muffled and screeching also I...
  4. P

    Windows 10 Creator Update ALMOST installs

    I am using Windows 10. It restarted several times as the instructions said it would. I got all the way to 75% when it restarted once again, but this time it didn't restart correctly and eventually shut down ownly to revert back to my current version of Windows 10. Any ideas? Tech Support Guy...