1. Dromian

    Need help reactivating my internet card in my laptop

    I want to start out with a disclaimer. I have very little knowledge about basic computering. My school decided to update their routers resulting in my internet card only working sometimes. The tech support on my school decided to deactivate my internet card and gave me a Netgear USB thing...
  2. IhaveComputer

    Connected to wifi but says that I'm not

    Hello, can someone please help me with a problem i've had for over a year. So my audio hasn't been working for over a year now and i found out that it's because i needed up update my computer, the problem is, when i go to the settings to update, it says that I'm not connected to wifi even...
  3. zebanovich

    Windows 10, version 2004

    I've only now figured out there is a new system upgrade to v2004: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/whats-new/whats-new-windows-10-version-2004 And it's still not available on my PC, which is not old at all, according to link bellow...
  4. kkdisco

    Failing to update Windows 10

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Education, 64 bit, Build 17763, Installed 20190712154011.000000-240 Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics, AMD64 Family 23 Model 17 Stepping 0, CPU Count: 4 Total Physical RAM: 8 GB Graphics...
  5. S

    Random shutdowns/crashes

    For the past month, my laptop has been shutting down/crashing randomly. It would just go black while I'm working, and when I start it up it would be a fresh start and not a resume (like sleep or hibernate). I thought it might be an overheating fan but that seems unlikely since I have a cooling...
  6. P

    sloth slow and crashes ocationally

    I have a Dell 2-in-1 laptop, and it is running super slow and hard to do anything without it freezing or crashing. I believe it is because I cant update windows 10, but it says I need 8GB of room to update it, but it wont clear anything out when I go in to clear unneeded stuff it just tries and...
  7. britekguy

    Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the ISO

    [Last Update: 11/6/2019] Downloadable from: Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows 10 ISO file ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or In-Place Feature...
  8. C

    Windows won’t complete the installation

    Everytime I turn on my laptop (it’s a Lenovo ThinkPad) it starts booting up normally, but once it gets to the blue windows logo with the loading circle under it, a pop up says “Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation”. I can’t...
  9. S

    Windows Update

    When I go under Settings -> Windows Update & Security a list if updates appear. Some start downloading and others just say Download Pending. The others that start downloading don't pass 2%-8%. The Windows Update to a newer version of Windows 10 does not work either pls help!! Additionally, I can...
  10. C

    Solved Windows 8.1 PC, turn on with insane loud ringing noise

    I use my computer daily to work on stuff and its really the current thing I can do for my actual work I need for myself to get my money. Since I work alone in my own coding projects and other sorts. My computer randomly forced and update and I had 15 minutes before it would automatically...
  11. G

    Tablet with Windows10 will can't get past sign in after last

    My girlfriends tablet was working last night, this morning, when she turned it on the wanted to update files. So after it updated and installed, and restarted, windows 10 does not show up. All it does is let her sign in and just sits there. No home screen no access to control panel, nothing.
  12. K

    Solved Your PC ran into a problem

    Hi, So I am trying to boot up my pc however when i boot it up it boots into windows 10 and it gives me the circle dots indicating that it is starting however when it starts it tells me its working on updates once it gets to 94% though it crashes and it gives me the blue screen saying your PC...
  13. E

    Epic Launcher downloading the whole fortnite again

    Hey, So I just downloaded season x of fortnite and it wasn't working so I waited and it said I needed another update I checked everything I could and there's no update so I transferred my files to another hard drive to see if that works and it isn't recognising anything. Anyone know why?
  14. R

    Bios and the power button

    Tl;dr my pc got bricked during a windows 10 update. MoBo has no ports for monitors (x99a plus) and the gpu (despite running) is not sending pictures to my screen. This means I cannot tell where in the boot up sequence I am. My question: If it had failed to load into or out of the bios and I...
  15. F

    Ubuntu update from 16.10 to 18.04 broke the system

    Haven't touched this laptop in a while, so when I did, I updated it (from 16.10) to the most recent LTS (18.04) from the GUI prompt. It is a dual-booting Windows 10/Ubuntu system. I now have the purple background 5 dots ubuntu 'boot screen' for like 2 seconds, then it goes into a command line...
  16. R

    Win10: Headphone jack and USB are not recognized anymore

    Hi all I have a PC Win10 (HP) I probably did something (update or clicked something), but since a while my laptop doesn't recognize my phone when I plug it in (it charges tho). I googled a bit and thought the driver is maybe outdated and tried to update it through the device manager, but...
  17. K

    Solved Unable to complete updates 1803 and 1809

    Hello, I bought my new desktop in late 2018, it has been working perfectly but this past month or so, I have been plagued with a persistent annoyance which I have been trying to fix via googling the issue but the various fixes have made no perceivable difference. The short of it is, my...
  18. M

    Windows 10 Reset stuck on "Just a moment"

    I had an HP laptop lying around I hadn't used in awhile... And decided to do a complete factory reset to start fresh and make sure my computer was as fast as it could be. I restarted, pressed f11 to enter the advanced menu, and did a complete reset where I deleted everything. After a few...
  19. S

    Make PC into a gaming PC

    Hi anyone who may be able to provide an answer. I currently have an HP Pavilion Desktop PC. There is no Tower, all of the power and processors are within the monitor itself. Thus being said, the graphics and ability for it to run games is not the best quality and was wondering if it was possible...
  20. B

    Cannot update computers connected to Windows 2008 R2 server

    I have 6+ years experience with Windows and Mac computers, but haven't had much experience with Server until my new job position. I'm now the sole Admin for a smallish company running a few very old Windows 2008 R2 server (we should be updating the whole shebang soon). I have almost no...