1. L

    external hardrive inaccesible

    i'm on a one month old Hp envy x360 2 in 1 laptop. it only has 128gb storage on it's internal hard drive so, i needed an external hard drive (wd 1TB my passport) to bolster it with all the files i have for school. it told me i had to do a software update and restart my computer. After it...
  2. S

    Trouble with installing updates/Failed updates windows 7

    I'm having trouble with installing my updates my computer says that needs to be installed every time I install them and restart my computer it says update failed to install PLEASE REPLY IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION
  3. H

    Help with krita, OpenGL 2.0 or higher

    Hey I tried to run krita like i normally do but it keeps saying to install OpenGL 2.0 or higher but i do have it already and its runned before please help
  4. Liber8ed1

    Solved Failed Driver Update Error 800F0242

    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've been here and don't remember all the tools, but wondered if you could help me out with my laptop. On the 11th it tried to install about a dozen updates and one of them made it choke. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc driver update for AMD SMBus is marked as...
  5. Mark-Young

    Stop (or) Alter Windows 10 Update

    Shot in the dark here, just living on prayers for this one. Culprits: KB4035632 ; KB3173428 ; and KB3161102 TL;DR: As subject line, want to keep my version of Windows 10 in some way, and stop the destructive, forced automatic updates. OR Fix the frustrating, user-unfriendly stupidity that is...
  6. T

    Asus Monitor Not Working

    My Asus computer monitor stopped working ever since I updated my drives. It says it can't find any ports.
  7. E

    Do I want the updates?

    I have two computers (soon to be 3) running Windows XP. I cannot upgrade them as they are needed for specialty video capture hardware (ATI All-In-Wonder) which will not function under Vista or later. All these machines are currently air-gapped and have no sensitive or personal information on...
  8. R

    Update Problems

    Hello! Hoping someone will be able to shed some light on some update problems I’m having. I have a iPhone 7. I don’t have internet right now so I’m relying on data and the occasional connecting to my churches wi-fi. I have been having trouble with Instagram. I have not received the newest...
  9. S

    Windows 10 update

    I want to check update for my windows 10. I used my university network for that. There for i changed my proxy. now i can not update windows. Help me to solve this.
  10. R

    Network adapters missing after updat winodows 10

    I have been checking forms for help on this subject they refence things not found on my computer. It doesnt seem to have any reference to anything related to the network card at all. Even the light on the keyboard is now orange where as it was white before the update. The computer in a Compaq...
  11. G

    Solved Stuck in “Restoring your previous windows page”

    Hey guys, have a fun one for you today. So I’ve got this Mac for work, but I wanted to turn it into a mobile gaming devise as well. So I went out and bought a 4tb Seagate hard drive, not a SSD, (yes it’s a bit slow, but only for installing, no frame drop). Installed bootcamp windows 10 on it. So...
  12. k8o

    Sierra Update problem

    Updating my Macbook Air and the screen is stuck on this.
  13. C

    No Audio Output Device Is Installed

    I updated my laptop and now the sound won't play. It says there's no audio output device installed. I tried to fix the problem for 4 hours, installing new audio drivers, deleting and reinstalling the drivers, restarting, troubleshooting. Nothing is working. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility...
  14. CluelessInSeattl

    Solved How to tell if Service Pack 3 for Word 2003 is installed?

    This morning when I booted up my old PC running Windows XP and MS Word 2003, I received an automatic update alert for: Security Update for Office 2003 (KB3203484). Since this update alert arrived in the wake of the news of the Petya virus, and is for a really old program, I was suspicious...
  15. A

    Excel Macro: Dynamic Range Function

    I am attempting to create a dynamic range based off the "Payroll" chart data so that if personnel are added, they are included in the macros powered updates. Currently, I am simply updating the individual ranges, but I am looking for a more long-term solution. I have attempted to use the...
  16. N

    Windows 10 update April 2017 fool?

    Anyone else having problems after latest (April 2017) update? My PC went so s-l-o-w that it was nearly unusable. My solution so far - after virus scan, looking for other setting and software problems- was to uninstal the latest update (KB4015438) - seems to have solved the problem at least for...
  17. C

    Steam giving "missing file privileges" when updating game

    So multiple issues here, including the SysInfo utility. (When I download Sysinfo utility, I get a "Parameter incorrect" error.) Running Windows 10, not sure what else I can tell without SysInfo utility. A few months back I posted an issue with my drives on another account (I have more space on...
  18. DaisyElisa

    Problem on my android phone

    Hello, I am in need of help. Nobody can seem to figure out how to solve my problem. The problem is, whenever i turn on my phone, it takes me to an accessibility feature activation process. I know how to use it, and i know it is off. However when i try to click "next" to continue through the...
  19. H

    Solved Windows 10 update stuck!

    Hi all, the issue I'm having is that my PC will boot up to the point of 'preparing to configure windows' and then it just freezes, the hdd light also stops at this point, I've tried the ctrl alt delete, hard reset and pressing f8, but none of these have worked, has anyone else has a similar issue?
  20. K

    Windows 10 update damaged my connected external hard drive.

    I had a problem with a Windows 10 update process that caused a USB-connected external hard drive to be corrupted and inaccessible. I was actually accessing the drive (searching for a file) when a Windows 10 update forced me to "shutdown and update." The system ground to a screeching halt, and...