1. N

    UPS for my WIFI Router + ONU

    HELLO GUYS! I need a UPS for my router and onu . My Router is DIGISOL DG-HR1400, IEEE802.11n wireless router with GOPON-1000R-WONU EPON ONU so i was looking to buy RESONATE RouterUPS CRU12V1A - UPS (Power Backup) for Wi-Fi Router, ONT Device, CCTV, Set Top Box etc but its for only one source. I...
  2. N

    AVR Smoked & PC Won't Turn On

    Hi! (win10, rx 570, 16gb ram, 600w psu, amd ryzen 2200g) I was routinely playing Valorant today at medium graphics when my PC suddenly turned off (not shut down like the entire process, but just went off). I thought it was gonna be ok if I just turned it on again, but I noticed that my AVR was...
  3. T

    Solved Use pc without ups through direct main power!!!

    Dear friends, My current ups is nonfunctional and so I inserted the plug of my monitor, speaker and power supply respectively in the individual sockets of multi plug which is itself connected to the main power socket attached to wall of my room. Will this new arrangement harm my pc, its...
  4. L

    Solved UPS

    Installation failure during Step 3 of 26: ComponentInstallationManager:Run Component Installation of System Files failed in Run function of ComponentInstallationManager.cs. Unable to register tempDBSE
  5. SlickStretch

    AC causing computer with UPS to go to sleep?

    Sometimes when the air conditioner in my window kicks on, my PC goes to sleep. Why? The PC is using a UPS. (APC Back-UPS 600) Shouldn't it prevent this? PowerChute says it has switched over to battery a few times due to electrical noise. I'm assuming that's when the AC kicked on and the PC went...
  6. V

    need help for choosing ups

    hi all i need help for choosing ups for my dell t3500 workstation please give me the witch ups will support power supply
  7. T

    Solved Is UPS absolutely necessary for desktop pc?

    Dear friends, Is ups compulsory for a desktop pc? If power goes out and the pc not shut down properly, will this affect the components of the pc? If power goes out frequently (e.g. 1-4 times a day), provided that the said pc does not have ups or has one with insufficient backup for the pc...
  8. T

    Solved Change UPS battery or buy a new one?

    Dear friends, I have a POWERTECH 650 VA UPS. I bought and started using that UPS on 16/10/2014. Yesterday (19/02/2017) after a main power failure, the UPS turned off within 1-2 seconds and hence I could not save my work in my PC. The UPS could not give backup after subsequent power failures...
  9. E

    Solved Mom's Computer is Fried....

    My mother has—er, had—a Dell Inspiron 660 computer which she bought about two years ago. Well, a couple of weeks back there was a power glitch and, long story short, the computer is fried. (I've been urging her to use a UPS for years, but she didn't even have a surge protector....) When we start...
  10. EhsanKhan

    PC reboots on power outage even with (new) UPS!!

    My pc (sometimes) shuts down for a fraction of second and then restarts at time of power outage (most of the time the reboot occur when power comes back to UPS after the outage). The most weird thing happening is that when I switch off the electric supply of UPS (ie. where UPS is connected to...
  11. mohittomar13

    Solved Can UPS wattage be increased?? (Just curious)

    I have a 350watts UPS for my desktop system. I'm not in an immediate need to, but was just curious to know if this could be done, (experimental basis) ;):D:rolleyes: Its a standard 350watts UPS and provide power to my Cpu + monitor + speakers. I have little-moderate knowledge of soldering and...