1. NirmalRaj

    HDD Upgrade nets blank screen on HP 245 G5 Notebook

    Hello I recently upgraded my older 256 gb hdto a 2 tb hdd which doesn't seem to start on my pc Problems turned worse when I put in the old drive yet it didn't start. I'm currently a single dad and have office hours of 8 to 7 so I can't reach the HP support. Please suggest me the remedies at...
  2. LanaBS

    I need help choosing a new laptop!

    Hi, I am a student and I need to upgrade my laptop because it crashes often when using drawing software and other software like video editing. I need a laptop preferably less than 1000euro to be able to use drawing software like 'medibang', light Photoshop and video editing. If it 2 in 1 it...
  3. B

    Computer takes no input and gives no output.

    So I was in a game and was in the main menu when i noticed the screen would flicker randomly when i moved my mouse, and would periodically go dark followed by a sudden complete black screen. At that point the computer could still give some audio off, no video, and didn't take any commands from...