urgent help

  1. B

    Samsung Notebook Fell to the ground

    hi. last night while i was cleaning my room, a samsung notebook laptop fell from my dresser and onto the ground head first and landed in a triangular position. when i picked it up the screen was moving on its own and continued until i unplugged the charger. after that i rebooted it. i noticed...
  2. NirmalRaj

    HDD Upgrade nets blank screen on HP 245 G5 Notebook

    Hello I recently upgraded my older 256 gb hdto a 2 tb hdd which doesn't seem to start on my pc Problems turned worse when I put in the old drive yet it didn't start. I'm currently a single dad and have office hours of 8 to 7 so I can't reach the HP support. Please suggest me the remedies at...
  3. B

    Acer swift sf514-52TP - CPU fan is making loud noise

    My CPU is spinning but when i do a few different task on my Laptop not just one task like writing a word doc it start to make that loud noise and get quite hot. Usually I wouldn't mind the noise but now I use my laptop in class at school the noise is quite loud and irritating back of laptop is...
  4. M

    "Explorer.exe Error" CMD Window Opening During Start-Up

    Hi, I'm of urge of support here I'm afraid my PC has been ratted or it has a trojan virus on it! When the computer boots up an error message pops up for "Explorer.exe" and CMD prompts open and close several times. My PC has also been at its all time low with running smoothly. If ANYBODY could...
  5. cw2456

    Lenovo OS Crashed After the 10/2018 Windows 10 Update

    Hi! This is going to be really long, but it’s urgent and I could really use some help. So I own a Lenovo C40/C50 Series All-in-one desktop, and I’ve had it since 2015-2016 (I can’t remember the exact year). The computer was mostly fine and I didn’t many issues until around October 2018. At this...