1. DDF2005

    Display not working

    i have same issue but on a laptop its hp and it was doing fine had some flickers now it turns on but screen is 100% black at first it was grey but after me slamming on the keyboard bc me thinking my pc was broken it went black any help?
  2. wyattbram

    My wifi good untill i get in an online game

    The WIFI on my computer is way worse than all the other devices. We recently changed from AT&T (1-3mbs) to Spectrum(100-200mbs). This change was suppose to fix the WIFI problems that me and my family had. All the connections in the house are flawless and are experiencing extremely great speeds...
  3. G

    Password bypass (Windows 10)

    I've had my laptop for four years but was only able to charge it up again yesterday. I was a lot younger when I made the password and (understandably) don't remember it. I've been trying to get in for ages, but have had no luck. I tried a good old factory reset, but it says I don't have enough...
  4. M

    BSOD Critical Service Failure/ Failed

    Hi, Ok so I'm running Windows 10 Pro on HP Pavillion, Intel i3 1.9Gh For now that's all the specs I can remember. A few days ago my laptop started making a clicking noise and became a lot slower, however this morning when switching on I received the BSOD and the above message (Critical...
  5. G

    Laptop Automatically turn off in Random time

    My Laptop automatically shutdown when i am starting a day then computer on atleast 10 minutes but after when i plug usb cable and acess internet through via usb tethering then system 5 min on after it shutdown. after that i am again press power button and turn on it is start but at the boot...
  6. S

    Pc turning off by itself

    Since today, for no reason at all and without making any changes to my pc, it suddently wont boot up. Whenevet i turn it on it turns off by itself after a few seconds, then turns of by itself and after a few seconds turns off again and so on until i turn off the power switch. I already tried...
  7. S

    My Hard drive (Passport) files are missing

    So it all started when i plug my Flashdrive in a Computer at my school after i Save the Files i needed from that computer i plugged it in my laptop (Windows 10) it alerted that there is a Threat and I saw my USB its folder icons turned to old folder icons and whenever i try and open one my...
  8. R

    Windows 10 error then won’t let me get into windows

    I was having multiple blue screens with different error codes then it stopped and now is forcing me into bios and if I try and exit bios it forces me back in again
  9. S

    USB ports not working

    My USB ports/mouse and keyboard stopped working (except in bios) after i installed my Rtx 2080s , we tried to put the old 1060 back in but the ports still did not work.
  10. S

    We can't sign in to your Account Windows 10 Problem

    Urgent need help for I need to use my laptop for my final papers before the School Year Resumes! So i opened my Laptop and suddenly there was a Notification about fixing some drivers so I clicked it and let the computer do its works. Then when I tried to logged in again in signed me to a...
  11. B

    I'm having a Wifi problem involving valid ip configuration

    I have looked up and tried multiple fixes for this problem, including using winsock reset commands, dnsflush commands, un and reinstalling drivers, and pretty much every solution I have been able to find online. My connection only doesn't work for certain things as well which is really weird...
  12. R

    Lost Documents

    Hi all, I'm hoping that someone can help me find an answer to a pretty big problem. While editing a paper in Word, the document closed out. I searched everywhere for it, and followed all the instructions on every website I could find about recovering files. Nothing has worked so far. The...
  13. Z

    Weird laptop keyboard behaviour

    I recently god my laptop repaired. I bought a HDD and got it replaced , it got fixed but the problem is when i try to login the keyboard behaviour starts to annoy me whenever my screen is at the windows login screen my keyboard suddenly starts working but obviously not hardware problem or maybe...
  14. D


    I have windows 7 on this computer..my husband and I used the computer. He has passed away 10 years ago. I have had no problem until now. It keeps giving me the message" you are not the administrator" some places it says I am but others say I am not. I need to find out WHO IS THE ADMISTRATOR..THE...
  15. Annierl

    Solved Dell Inspiron 3542

    When I turn on my laptop it goes to Automatic repair and says Automatic repair couldn't repair ypur pc and the two options shut down and Advanced options. I've tried just about all of the advanced options and nothing is working I also did f12 diagnostics test and it said nothing was wrong. Need...
  16. D

    Xbox audio problem on monitor

    Hello I have an Xbox one just set up with an older AOS monitor. I am using an HMDI to VGA adapter to get the picture onto the monitor. Display looks great, however I don’t have volume on the monitor no matter what I try. Anyone know how to get volume from Xbox to monitor? No buttons except...
  17. D

    stuck on startup Asus screen!

    hey, this is my first post here my asus laptop has been stuck on the asus start up screen for almost a year now and i've tried to fix it but nothing works. i've tried to get into safe mode as well, but the methods i've found haven't worked. please help, this computer has very important files on...
  18. S

    Coffee Spill!!! Urgent

    so long story short my laptop spent the night in a coffee spill. Good news is it was only about the size of a United States quarter, maybe 2. It was working fine for about half an hour then the screen went out. The keyboard is backlit and there is an indication to show when it is on. So I know...
  19. WazeJinx

    Solved Please help the virus spreads through Wi-Fi

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3150 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 76 Stepping 3 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 4010 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: 195 GB (108 GB...
  20. F

    Please Help

    I understand this website is not for other electronics other than a computer. But im pretty desperate at the current moment. I have a playstation 4 and i recently took my controller to a friends house. I came back home and now my controller will not connect to my console. The controller and the...