1. D

    Solved Blocking URLs on my router

    I use a Tenda N300. I want to allow only specific website access on my device. But every time I complete filling up details in the administrative settings and click 'OK', a dialogue pops up saying "Please enter a valid domain name". IDK what to do. Please help.
  2. Galleherjazz

    Weblinks Won't Open Properly to Webpage

    I have Windows 7 Professional HP PC, and recently my weblinks saved on my PC do not open properly. At first, when I clicked on a link, it went into the Print panel. This applies only to the weblinks that I have saved in various folders, not to my bookmarked links within the browser. (My default...
  3. Anchoret

    Solved URL Lookup Paralysis - Malware or Something Else?

    I've never encountered this before, or even heard of it. Let's get a bead on what's causing this so I can make the appropriate moves... The symptom is very easy to describe: My trusty Win7 laptop (which I can't use to post this or sysinfo, unfortunately) works fine, but after going to several...
  4. ShinraStrife

    Solved Frontier ISP - Url not found for all non HTTPS connections.

    Before I dive into my problem here's my hardware / software specs and a list of things I've tried: CPU: AMD Zambezi Quad Core 4.2 GHz MOBO: MSI 970 AMD Gaming Mobo RAM: 8GB G.Skill sniper series 1866 GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 8GB HDD1: WD Black 1TB HDD HDD2: Samsung EVO Pro 256GB SSD...
  5. M

    Some websites display as URL not found

    I don't know what happened after messing around with the newtwork. When i try to browse some websites they work fine, but when i browse other website i get this notice on my Chrome and my IE on my windows 10 Not Found Url not found: /app/main/ and that's when i tried to browse this website...
  6. itscraigagain

    How to seach a cloud or drive service with URL

    Hi, I'm currently looking for service providers in the cloud or online drive sector that allow for searching in the online storage using a URL so that I can integrate the online storage service with the app I am currently creating. PLEASE HELP
  7. C

    Question about link found in Chrome Cache

    I have a multi part question regarding chrome cache. 1. What is the difference between Chrome Cache and Chrome history? 2. Aside from pop-up ads, is it possible for a link to appear in Chrome Cache without anyone ever having accessed / clicked on it? 3. I think that I know exactly what this link...