usb 3 drivers

  1. Khqlifa

    All but one usb port is not working

    My problem is that I cant use all my usb ports I've been switching from mouse to keyboard to try and find a solution but I cant seem to find one Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
  2. P

    Downloaded Driver: USB Ports no longer work

    I downloaded a driver for USB 3.0 ports because they never worked. I was/am pretty sure they are just not correctly connected but decided to try a driver before opening up the case. That caused a much bigger problem. Now not a single one of my USB ports seems to work anymore and I cant use my...
  3. T

    Updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, USBs not working

    I recently bought a new Asus laptop. I got it for a cheaper price since they were stopping selling it. Included in the price was installation and setup of the laptop, with Windows 10. I cannot remember what might have caused problems, but I got stuck into the Asus loading screen. I reset the...
  4. P

    driver issues

    Hi there, I have recently built my own custom PC (intel i5-4690 / msi gaming 3 motherboard / geforce gtx710 graphics / corsair cs750m psu / corsair vengeance 16gb 2400mhz ddr3 RAM / corsair H110 AIO cpu cooler) I don't have a disk drive my boot drive is an m.2 intel 600p ssd I have managed to...
  5. A

    cant get usb ports to work or update on win10

    for the last 2 days i cant get any of the usb ports to work on my computer, when i go to the device manager to update them it says windows cant find drivers for your device. only time i can even get my mouse lights to turn on are if i restart the computer and dont unplug it, that being said even...
  6. A

    Headset Help Please

    Hey guys so long story short my headset went kaput one day but it was old so I saw this coming, got a new headset and plugged it in, it was working fine for a short while then this one went kaput for seemingly no reason (while it was working i did some set up and noticed some sporatic static not...
  7. zebragoose

    Solved Windows 7 won't boot following driver update

    I've searched for solutions to this problem as best I could, but didn't find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing, so thanks in advance for your patience with the newbie if I've missed something that covers this. I include bold not to be annoying, but to hopefully make this more scannable...